Sunday, January 28, 2018

Claudia Aguirre: Does stress cause pimples?


Claudia Aguirre: Does stress cause pimples?




“Already late for school, Justin got to class in time to hear the teacher say “pop quiz.”
ストレスになり得た一つの例が紹介されていましたが、抜き打ちテストのことを英語では”pop quiz”と言うのだと初めて知りました。

“He hadn’t done his homework the night before, and felt more unprepared than the ambushed World War II soldiers he was supposed to write about.”

“Special chemicals called stress hormones run through your body, giving you more oxygen and power to run away from danger or to face it and fight for your life, hence the term ‘fight or flight.’ But when you don’t fight, or take flight, you face the plight.”

“Stressful situations are unavoidable. But we can try to change our responses so that we’re not so stressed in the end.”



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