Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gill hicks: I survived a terrorist attack here’s what I learned.

Gill hicks: I survived a terrorist attack here’s what I learned.
What they told me very clearly was that my life was saved, purely because I was a human being. Difference of any kind made no difference to the extraordinary lengths that the rescuers were prepared to go to save my life, to save as many unknowns as they could, and putting their own lives at risk. To them, it didn't matter if I was rich or poor, the color of my skin, whether I was male or female, my sexual orientation, who I voted for, whether I was educated, if I had a faith or no faith at all. Nothing mattered other than I was a precious human life.
私の命が救われたのは 「私が人間であった」 ただその一点に尽きるのだといかなる違いも,救助隊の人々の並外れた努力に何ら影響は与えませんでした私の命を救い,できるだけ多くの身元不明者を救うために,彼らは自らの命を危険に晒したのです彼らには大したことではなかったのです。私が裕福であろうが貧しかろうが,どんな肌の色であろうが,男性であろうが女性であろうが,私の性的指向や誰に投票したかや,教育を受けているかどうかや 宗教を信じているか否かは,関係ありませんでした私が1人の尊い人間の命であること以外は何一つ重要ではなかったのです。

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